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Thank  you for taking the time to visit my personal blog, it is dedicated to filling you in on what’s happening now in the Hip Hop movement.  It’s amazing to have so many Hip Hop artists tuning in locally & globally.

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October 27, 2017

  • Just wanted to let you know about this great Independent Hip Hop show that live streams every Monday. It’s called BSide Show.
  • Tune in Mondays every week at 9pm for fresh hip hop DJs live in the mix and dope guests!!!!
  • Here’s their site:


Watch “Shawn Mendes & Hailee Steinfeld – Stitches ft. Hailee Steinfeld” on YouTube

Watch “Shawn Mendes – Stitches in the Live Lounge” on YouTube

Watch “Nocando – SEVERED – Official Video” on YouTube

Watch “Prefuse 73 – Life Death feat. Mikah 9” on YouTube

Firrrrre Album! “Severe” by Nocando, Track #03 El Camino – SoundCloud

Listen to 03 El Camino by Nocando #np on #SoundCloud

Bump this track by Producer/Emcee Mozenraff, “I Need a Cigarette” – SoundCloud

Listen to 12) I Need a Cigarette by Mozenraff #np on #SoundCloud

Watch “Nocando – Mykraphone Myk – Official video” on YouTube

Watch “Gorillaz – Tomorrow Comes Today (Official Video)” on YouTube

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