“Our tracks of the week”, share with us what are you bumping this week? 🎶

May 10, 2016

Hey everyone. What’s goood? Hope your week is chill & very productive for you. Teamwork is key to Hip-Hop achieving global domination. 😝🙌🏾 I

want to share with you each week on Monday; the links to the songs I’m hearing on repeat. Recipe for classic is one quarter bangin beats, one cup of dope bars & unique word play, healthy pour of adequate mixing & scratching, dash of flavor & a pinch of humor.

  1. The Society of Invisibles-Produced by Tre Beats: https://soundcloud.com/the-society-of-invisibles/bloodtype-prod-by-trebeats
  2. Broadway Joe Baggs: https://soundcloud.com/broadway-joe-baggs/unstoppable-mix-01
  3. TSOI-Citizen Kane: https://soundcloud.com/citizen-kane-mhb/gassed-like-sunoco
  4. IllP-Nick Rose & Anthm https://soundcloud.com/alexibarrabeats/need-2-change-by-nicholas-rose-anthm-produced-by-alex-ibarra
  5. DJ Mercury weekly radio show: https://soundcloud.com/user-485294355/dj-mercury-may-6-2016-deep-in-the-trenches-ughh-radio-show-netherlands
  6. J-Skee classic track: https://soundcloud.com/jimmyskee/stars-above-you
  7. *New* Luck & Lana: Go by Luck & Lana Kill the Computer https://itun.es/us/Tnh2

Author: heavenlylosangeles

Hello my name is Heaven. I love Hip Hop as a culture, the 4 elements & what it means to us as a lifestyle. I sincerely believe that when I practice on my turntables I am healing & achieving peace within myself. The music gives an euphoria. I am sharing with you a glimpse into Hip Hop, artists, poets, and the beauty of urban culture. I was born & raised in Los Angeles, California. I am a UCLA certified paralegal with 15 years experience in immigration law, business law, bankruptcy law, criminal law etc.

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