Little did he know my biggest asset was my mind,

Time to rewind, cuz it’s been since 99’, I broke through the bondage that enslaves & bind.

I had to sit him down real quick to have a deep conversation,

Kill the mood he waited all this time for with such anticipation, I just had to Break it to homeboy with my most classy oration, that before him was not a Latina persuasion but an underground soul of a revolutionary nation.

You see, she told him very lovingly,

I am not ordinary, as you must have perceived I am a human of a higher substantial quality. My mind can see beyond our captivity, they call me crazy in such animosity, I forgive them for they know not how to remove the old thought patterns of ignorant mental activity.

My soul begs me to speak what’s comes to mind, stars, books, truth & what lies hidden behind, the egos, the titles, how we judge others at all times. Forgive me if I cannot conform to a machistic

Cookie cutter mold; my soul knows no specific gender role. I see both sides of the coin, if you’re right I will agree but please accept me because I am truly me.


Written by heavenlylosangeles

Hello my name is Heaven. I love Hip Hop as a culture, the 4 elements & what it means to us as a lifestyle. I sincerely believe that when I practice on my turntables I am healing & achieving peace within myself. The music gives an euphoria. I am sharing with you a glimpse into Hip Hop, artists, poets, and the beauty of urban culture. I was born & raised in Los Angeles, California. I am a UCLA certified paralegal with 15 years experience in immigration law, business law, bankruptcy law, criminal law etc.