At very arduous yet pivotal times of our lives it is so rare to find someone honest that fulfills the definition of “True Friend”. This person is equivalent to a shining star, always so selfless yet so bright. Thank you for being my friend @millithemac 🙏🏽✍🏾


Written by heavenlylosangeles

Hello my name is Heaven. I love Hip Hop as a culture, the 4 elements & what it means to us as a lifestyle. I sincerely believe that when I practice on my turntables I am healing & achieving peace within myself. The music gives an euphoria. I am sharing with you a glimpse into Hip Hop, artists, poets, and the beauty of urban culture. I was born & raised in Los Angeles, California. I am a UCLA certified paralegal with 15 years experience in immigration law, business law, bankruptcy law, criminal law etc.