Milli The Mac Full EP on BandCamp Now

Flint Michigan’s Milli The Mac is back in full force with the release of his EP “I Want What’s Mine”, A project which details Milli’s journey of conquest during desperate times. This project is raw,brilliant,emotionally evoking, and down right elegant at points. “I Want What’s Mine” is sonically cohesive and sounds ready to be played at high levels of volume.

Stream It Here Now at

Author: heavenlylosangeles

Hello my name is Heaven. I love Hip Hop as a culture, the 4 elements & what it means to us as a lifestyle. I sincerely believe that when I practice on my turntables I am healing & achieving peace within myself. The music gives an euphoria. I am sharing with you a glimpse into Hip Hop, artists, poets, and the beauty of urban culture. I was born & raised in Los Angeles, California. I am a UCLA certified paralegal with 15 years experience in immigration law, business law, bankruptcy law, criminal law etc.

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